Confrontational Survivor Jerri Manthey shows her sexy side in Playboy

June 13th, 2008

Jerri Manthey is an aspiring actress when she joined Survivor: The Australian Outback. Because of her frequent conflicts with the rest of the cast, she earned a degree of notoriety. Her confrontational attitude did not suit well with the other contestants thus she became the ninth contestant voted off. That did not deter her from her ambition of making it big and she appeared in other reality shows after Survivor. But for her male fans, the best move she made in her career would be the time she posed for Playboy and exposed her body for the world to see. In this post, I included some samples of the photographs that appeared in the September 2001 issue of Playboy.

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Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth shows his other talent in Playboy’s Foursome

June 13th, 2008

Ozzy Lusth, the popular male contestant from Survivor: Cook Islands, has appeared in an episode of Playboy T.V.’s “Foursome”. The handsome Survivor contestant is very popular with the female fans of the show. Fans were shocked (or delighted) when they learned that he has other talents aside from his survival skills. In the very graphic sex dating show “Foursome”, Ozzy appeared in an episode where he gets involved in receiving oral sex from one of the women, mud wrestling and showering naked, and having sex with both women. This show definitely lived up to its claim as “the only T.V. dating program that shows everything”. Ozzy even describes in a voice-over how the girl performed during their oral sex encounter and said that he came inside her mouth, “because that’s how she liked it”. A very sexually explicit video indeed, check it out here by clicking on the vidcaps.

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Ami Cusack is definitely one hot lesbian as seen in these Playboy photos

June 13th, 2008

Survivor: Vanuatu’s Ami Cusack is the first woman to admit her preference for the same sex in the series. But before her Survivor appearance, she appeared in the popular men’s magazine Playboy. This self-confessed lesbian obviously has a lot to offer to the male population of the world as seen in her hot pictorial with Playboy back in 1996.

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Jenna Lewis and hubby Travis Wolfe star in their very own honeymoon sex tape

June 13th, 2008

Probably the most popular among the former Survivor contestant sex scandals, Jenna Lewis’ sex tape with then husband Travis Wolfe is a very graphic video featuring hardcore sex between the two. Male fans of Jenna will definitely love this video as they can see how she gives her husband a fantastic blowjob, rides him wildly, and talks dirty to him throughout the 42-minute long video. A very sexually explicit tape indeed, you can watch the couple fuck like porn stars, doing everything to satisfy each other. Although this tape was initially thought to have been intended for the couple’s own pleasure, rumors spread that the tape was intentionally leaked by Jenna to gain more popularity and in the process make money from it like all the other celebrity sex tapes that previously made waves through the web. Jenna later revealed that she actually released the sex tape to the public. But the damage was done and the couple eventually divorced. But that came after Jenna cemented her status as a wild sex nympho and made a lot of money from Internet sales. Here is a preview of what you will see in this graphic video. This is the start of the video as Jenna seduces Travis and performs oral sex on him.

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