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Confrontational Survivor Jerri Manthey shows her sexy side in Playboy

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Jerri Manthey is an aspiring actress when she joined Survivor: The Australian Outback. Because of her frequent conflicts with the rest of the cast, she earned a degree of notoriety. Her confrontational attitude did not suit well with the other contestants thus she became the ninth contestant voted off. That did not deter her from her ambition of making it big and she appeared in other reality shows after Survivor. But for her male fans, the best move she made in her career would be the time she posed for Playboy and exposed her body for the world to see. In this post, I included some samples of the photographs that appeared in the September 2001 issue of Playboy.

Feel free to look at them and if you want the complete set, then just click here and you will be redirected to the best online resource you will find on sexy photos and videos of former Survivor contestants.